Globalization has made business activities borderless. Corporations face increasingly complex legal issues in cross-border M&A, international disputes and global investigations. To prevail against fierce global competition, companies must address these issues effectively and quickly.

In addition, the world is undergoing a major transformation. Rapid changes in the competitive landscape are occurring, including advances in technology and data-driven based-competition, disruptive changes in business models in many industries, competition across sectoral boundaries and transformation of the energy sector due to climate change countermeasures and reduction in carbon emissions. At the same time, the global pandemic, international trade friction, economic security and geopolitical concerns are impacting businesses worldwide. To survive in this competitive environment, it is important to strategically incorporate legal expertise of advanced specialized areas into corporate management.

Tokyo International Law Office provides strategic advice to companies faced with such challenges. We rigorously advocate to achieve the best results for our clients. We break the mold of the conventional and passive style of Japanese law firms, which overemphasize the law. We instead proactively offer business-oriented legal solutions tailored to our clients’ actual needs. We provide exceptional value-added services that go beyond client expectations.

We have built a Tokyo-based international team of lawyers who can provide services in many of the world's major jurisdictions to support our clients’ global economic activities. To create a comfortable working environment to enhance the “happiness” of our team, we foster a culture that emphasizes “Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Meritocracy.”

We desire to provide you with the arsenal needed to compete on the world stage.


The Power of the Team

The Power of the Team

No individual lawyer can by themselves provide a truly comprehensive legal service.
We believe in the power of the team and teamwork.
Only a real team can execute our client centered mission.

High Productivity with High Value

High Productivity with High Value

The speed of global business activities is accelerating.
Our legal services are swift and strategic.
We employ state of the art technologies to provide the best and the most efficient legal services.


Long Term Relationships

We sincerely believe that achieving long-term trust among our clients, our team members, and all stake holders is essential for ultimate successes.
We avoid short termism and are fully committed to building long-term relationships.



Tokyo International Law Office

Managing Partners

Mikiharu Mori and Koki Yamada

Establishment Date

April 1, 2019


Daido Seimei Kasumigaseki Bldg. 8F
1-4-2 Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-0013,

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