UPDATE: Our response to COVID-19

Since March 25, following the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s announcement urging residents to stay indoors and work remotely if possible, all of our lawyers and support staff have been working remotely. From June 1, however, in response to the government announcement that the state of emergency has been lifted, we will move to staggered hours and shifts for some employees, while encouraging others to work remotely possible.

Measures taken in detail include:

  1. To avoid public transport during peak rush hours, our staff will stagger their starting hours: with some starting earlier than usual, and others later than usual.
  2. Encouraging certain workers to work remotely.
  3. Most meetings will be conducted online: through Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing platforms.
  4. Urging staff to wear masks, wash and sanitize their hands throughout the day.
  5. Except where absolutely necessary, not attending seminars and avoiding face-to-face meetings.
  6. Banning employees from coming to work who show symptoms that could be COVID-19, such as a cough or a fever.
  7. If we have no alternative but to have an in-person meeting, we will implement acrylic panels in meeting rooms and ventilate the room with circulators.
  8. All lawyers and staff will be wearing masks at all times during meetings or when otherwise meeting with clients.

For the time being, we would appreciate it if our partners could cooperate with us by opting for online meetings via Zoom or Skype where it is practical to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation.