Koki Umeda, Ryoji Oda and Yusuke Takeuchi join the Tokyo International Law Office team.

Tokyo International Law Office (TKI) is pleased to welcome Koki Umeda, Ryoji Oda and Yusuke Takeuchi who recently completed their training at the Legal Training and Research Institute. We look forward to having them on the TKI team.

Koki Umeda: Koki will assist our clients with cross-border legal strategies, and hopes to provide value to our clients.

Ryoji Oda: Ryoji is pleased to have joined our team as his thinking parallels our mission and values. He brings a wide-ranging inquisitiveness and a sense of duty to his work with our team.

Yusuke Takeuchi: At university Yusuke enjoyed conducting and singing with a choir. His determination to provide value as a team member will help our clients to achieve their goals.