Tokyo International Law Office is established.

Today, we are very happy to announce that we establish Tokyo International Law Office to provide the best legal service to the corporate clients who are conducting their business across the globe.

Due to the growth of globalization, business activities have become truly across border lines.  As a result, many corporations are facing more and more difficult and complicated legal issues such as cross-border M&A, international disputes or global investigations.

We, Tokyo International Law Office, will provide strategic and expeditious legal services for those corporations who are fighting against such difficult and complicated cross-border legal issues.  We will rigorously advocate our clients to gain the best results.  We will overcome the conventional style of passive Japanese lawyers who overemphasize the Japanese law.  We will actively probe for true needs of our clients and provide the business-oriented legal solutions.  We will actively assist and support our clients and provide our services with the quality beyond their expectations.

We will commit to be an arsenal for our clients to win the global competition.