Our second book “Practical Aspects of Tender Offers by Situation” was published by Chuokeizai-sha in October 2023.

Author: Mikiharu Mori
Contributing authors (proofreading): Masayuki Horiike, Haruka Matsumoto, Naoko Ishihara,
Naoki Uemura, Kentaro Sakamaki, Satoshi Fukuhara, Jia Liu, Kosuke Nakano, Ryoji Oda,
Yuki Kimura, Ryo Unosawa, Ryo Yamada

This book provides an overview of the legal regulations and procedures related to Tender Offers (TOB), as well as practical insights into acquisition strategies such as friendly acquisition from specific shareholders, capital business alliance, squeeze-out, and hostile takeovers. It explains key considerations for each transaction scenario, offering a wealth of practical guidance. The book also includes numerous leading cases and recent examples for reference in practical applications.
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